PROJECT CARS: Welcome Saab 900 T16S Ruby

Auction Introduction Say a lovely, friendly, quirky, laggy, boosty Hallå to our new retro project car – Ruby – a very special, very tidy, very original Saab 900 Turbo T16S Ruby Edition… the last hurrah special edition Mk1 Saab 900 Turbo the superb Swedish manufacturer ever made #motoringhistory We bagged this iconic, idiosyncratic beauty of a modern[…]


PROJECT CARS: Welcome Project Lotus LF1

Say a big Road Magazine & Blog hello to our first ever Project Lotus, owned and written about by contributor & friend, Andy Robinson. Well, life with the big cat (Jaguar XFR) finally came to an end, and I can honestly say this has been one of the most pleasurable cars I’ve ever owned (and[…]


PROJECT CARS: Welcome Project Panda 4×4

“I believe the word you are looking for is, AAAHH!” said the super-villain penguin in Batman Returns, and so did I the first time I laid eyes on the new Road Magazine Project car – a 2014 FIAT Panda 4X4 Antarctica, festooned in not one, but two laid-back penguin decals. That and “I’m buying that!” I[…]


PROJECT CARS: Cybex Solution Q2-Fix

Picking the right, safe, comfy, easy to use, affordable child seat for your precious cargo can be an arduous process when you first start parenthood and carting your kid about safe – ideally with the minimum amount of cussing and fussing. Selecting one that’s going to offer maximum safety, good snuggle-snooze factor, lasting longevity, easy-use[…]

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.22.38

PROJECT CARS: Karcher High Pressure Washer

Thankfully for all of us who hate a mild, wet, windy Winter, Spring is in the air – and that means it’s time to de-grime Project Beast & Project UP!   And when you live in deepest, darkest Norfolk and the roads around you resemble a rally stage (just one of the reasons we love[…]


PROJECT BEAST: What’s next?

  Maybe it’s because I’m now middle aged and my memory is not what it was, but I’ve owned so many cars over the years I’ve lost count. But one thing I can tell you about them is that I’ve modified, tuned, enhanced – or in some early, inexperienced cases, ruined – every single one[…]

Project UP! Kumho Wet Weather Winter Wellies

As a boy racing youth, pretty much everything I spent on my hot hatches was with one thing in mind – more power, leading to more speed… or so I thought anyway. But the older I’ve got and the more motorsport and track miles I’ve done, the more I realised power is one factor for[…]

Project UP! Halfords Nextbase DVD Player

High morals are a funny old thing in parenthood. We all start off with them (to a greater or lesser degree), then the saying “pick your battles” kicks in – about the same time as “the terrible twos” – and as such, so many of one’s moral stances go swiftly out of the window. And[…]

ADVANSAFIX, £240 - Britax

Project UP! Britax ADVANSAFIX Car Seat

No matter how cleverly designed the interior space of the new Project UP! is, there’s no escaping the fact it’s a tiny little city car and that meant the beefy, brilliant, but big rallyesque Recaro seat had to go. So the mission was on to find a replacement – compact enough to fit in the ickle[…]

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.39.51

Project UP! “Say Hello to my little friend…”

“Say hello to my little friend” said a deranged, drug-fuelled Al Pacino in Scarface! And that’s as irreverent and irrelevant a way as imaginable to introduce our new little friend and Road Magazine (ec0) project car, this fab little VW UP! The UP! is replacing our Project Ecowagon VW Golf Bluemotion Sportline Estate which has served[…]

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.56.46

Project Beast: Breaking Down Shouldn’t Mean Having a Breakdown!

So, you think you’ve got breakdown recovery sorted? Think again! Yesterday, I had the wake-up call of wake up calls – breaking down in the outside lane of the M25 approaching rush hour, surrounded by wagons, with my wife & two-year-old daughter onboard (see picture of them cowering above, left hand corner) – and it’s[…]


Project Beast: Auto Genie Valet

With the Summer spa service sorted, and Project Beast running better than ever, it seemed an appropriate time to get it looking better than ever – with a little help from The Auto Genie; the pro-valeting, ex-racing, car-loving Stuart Staples. The equally knowledgable and charming man mountain Stu gave our old Project P38 a proper[…]


Project Beast: Suck, Squeeze, Bang… no blow!

Like anything bursting with muscularity, our Project Beast supercharged V8 Range Rover needs the occasional pamper to keep in tip top, bionic condition. So, after nine blissful months and many thousand enjoyable miles of supercharged ownership, I decided to book “Rangey” in for a good Spa treatment at the highly experienced Land Rover specialists, John Kemp[…]

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 13.54.21

Project Beast: CYBEX Juno 2-Fix Car Seat

Being a dad these days, no car seat = no family travel. And as our bulky Recaro bucket seat fitted to Project Ecowagon unbelievably refused to fit in the spacious new Project Beast, it was time to go shopping for a new seat… one swanky enough for the top of the line Supercharged Range Rover’s fab interior.[…]


Project Beast: Fitting New Boots (Falken Azenis FK453CC)

The one & only thing ‘wrong’ with Project Beast when we bought it was the rubber – as the rears were right on the legal limit at the pre-sale MOT. And with Winter here and the roads thick with mud and slick with rain, ice and maybe even snow if we’re lucky, the right thing to[…]


Project Beast: Introduction

To quote the inspired words of the noughties pop sensation Britney Spears “oops, I did it again!” Yup, following in the muddy, beast V8 footsteps of the older Project P38 Range Rover (and having now just recently said a fond farewell to the loyal and superb Project S4 Audi), we’ve only gone and done it[…]


Project S4: Ravenol Racing Oils

Project S4 has been sitting on the driveway wanting some proper fun of late, as we’ve been knocking about in the frugal VW Golf Project Ecowagon, enjoying daft mpg and huge fuel ranges! But, as a petrolhead, there’s only so much of that oil-burning stuff I can take, before the call for Shell’s V-Power Nitro[…]


Project Ecowagon: K&N Filter & Ravenol Oils

Despite the B4 Car Network offering us one, we bought Project Ecowagon knowing it needed a service – haggling a little discount on the price accordingly. So, after only 1,000 miles of driving and with the ‘Service now!’ indicator on the MFD beeping away in a consistently German manner, we took our new VW Golf[…]


Project Ecowagon: RECARO Baby Car Seat

Baby car seats… a world of pain for us dad shoppers, right? Its a decision – being in the clearly defined dad domain of cars – that invariably gets left with us, along with the mountain of pressure and responsibility that goes with it! Sure, it’s not the day-to-day pressure cooker of motherhood our wives/gf’s[…]

EfficientGrip Performance (x)

Project Ecowagon: Goodyear ‘EfficientGrip’

Tyres are the only point of contact with the road surface and it can’t be stressed just how much a good (or indeed conversely a bad, or worn) set of rubber can affect your car’s handling, grip, poise, balance and ultimately, safety. They are arguably the most important part on your car… and certainly worth[…]

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.20.29

Project Ecowagon: Adrian Flux Insurance

New project car, new insurance policy! But, for us, there’s no need to fuss about on the phone for ages finding the best quote and have to put up with the hassle of changing insurance companies. We have been using specialist insurance broker Adrian Flux for our project cars for years – finding the company[…]

photo 5

Project Ecowagon: Purchase & Introduction

So, fatherhood has definitely kicked in… I’ve just bought my first ever sensible, economical family car in 20+ years of car ownership! Welcome to Project Ecowagon: A 2010 Mk6 VW Golf Estate 1.6 TDi BlueMotion Technology Sportline, to give it it’s full, rather wordy title – aka Ralph, as I christened it when my gorgeous[…]


Project P38: ECU Re-Map by Tornado Chips

Being a speedy junkie, I have had re-mapped ECU’s on the majority of my road and motorsport cars. Our on-going Audi Project S4 has a reliable, darn effective ECU re-map by Superchips fitted. And previous rally, race, sprint, hill climb, drag and road projects have all had a “mapping” expert turn their hand to the[…]


Project Cars: Kärcher MV2 Vacuum

We’ve had a Kärcher pressure washer to keep our project and press test cars clean for a couple of years now, and it’s fabulous. So, when we heard that Kärcher had launched it’s “most powerful” range of new vacuum cleaners, we had to have one. The full range of three vacs – called the MV[…]


Project P38: Transmission Re-Vamp

GEARBOX: This month, we get Project P38 into gear – with a gearbox replacement. Introduction Ever since we bought Project P38 ‘blind’ – with no test drive – at auction it’s been stuck in third gear ­which, let’s face it, is far from ideal (and most likely the final straw, forcing its previous owner to[…]


Project S4: Winter Fix-its & MOT

Winter time and the annual bit of minor pampering in preparation for Project S4’s MOT is nigh. Luckily, thanks to having been enjoying V8 fun in Project P38 and making use of some superb press cars on test (read here) , the twin turbos of Project S4 have been saved too many spool-ups in 2013.[…]


Project P38: Exterior Appeal

Project P38 gets an Auto Genie pro-valet, Powerful UK stainless steel spotlight bar, Britpart 4×4 100W Halogen spotlights & headlight guards   One of the major attractions to the P38 Range Rover is its classic, boxy, old fashioned (some might say, classic) good looks. To my mind, it’s one of the best, most iconic looking[…]


Project XFR: Cat Breath (Exhaust & Filter)

Sorry Roadies… we know it’s been a while since the last update of Project XFR – but, fear not, things are moving along quite nicely now, writes Andy Robinson. After many miles of enjoyable “Jaaaaaaag” wafting and supercharged blasting – along with some rather fancy data logging – we have highlighted some areas of hidden[…]


Project P38: Interior Appeal

Auto Genie pro-valet, Britpart mats and loadspace liner & Pure DAB Radio at Halfords One of the reasons I’ve always loved the P38 is for its stunning, luxurious, superbly comfortable interior – which is especially excellent in Project P38’s range-topping Vogue model, with its Walnut dash, tilt and slide sunroof and charcoal black/grey leather armchairs,[…]


Project P38: Janspeed Exhaust: Sing it loud “V8 & Proud”

Question: Is there any point owning a thirsty, expensive-to-run 4.6-litre V8 if you can’t enjoy the awesome acoustics? In a word, no! But there’s more to it than that! Upgrading your standard OEM exhaust – particularly if it’s on its last, rusty legs like ours was on Project P38 when we bought it from auction[…]


Project P38: Marshal Tyres

Educated Road Magazine readers like you don’t need me to tell you how vital good tyres are. They’re the only point of contact your car has with the ground – be it asphalt, gravel, mud, sand, rock, ice or snow. You can have the best car in the world, in fine fettle, with all the[…]


Project P38: Service Time: Filters, fluids, fix-its & plugs

First things first with our new, auction purchased Project P38 V8 car – get it on a ramp, cross fingers, have a good look, diagnose/fix some of the (ever-growing!) electrical and mechanical P38 ‘idiosyncrasies’ and give it a darn good basic service of fancy filters, fluids & plugs. And, as with all the project cars[…]


Project P38: Introduction

In the beginning…was the word, and the word was V8. There’s something utterly magical and highly addictive about the concept, sight and of course the sound of a V8 Range Rover. And ever since I owned and modified a classic, tuned 4.2-litre V8 Range Rover (which sadly went the way of the knackers yard after[…]


Project XFR: Introduction

ROAD pal, Andy Robinson (who changes his cars more often than any of us at ROAD HQ, good lad!) has ditched his BMW 335i Project car in favour of a cool cat, the new Jaguar XFR… all 503bhp supercharged V8 of it. Good man! This is Andy’s first report, and he’s already been running it[…]


Project S4: Auto Genie Pro Valet

A few months ago I tested a load of car cleaning products from SONAX with the skillful help of Stuart Staples, aka, The Auto Genie They worked pretty well, digging Project S4 out of a mucky hole (I’m a driving dynamics, not aesthetics man and arguably the world’s worst car cleaner). Stu and the Sonax gear[…]


Project S4: Wheel Alignment/Suspension Geometry Set-up

I try to practice what I preach. But I have to hold my hands up on this one. Confession time! Father… it’s been two years since I fitted the amazing Bilstein B16 coilover kit to Project S4 and I have since fitted superb Dunlop Sport Maxx TT rubber, phenomenal Whiteline rear anti-roll bar & links[…]

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 17.21.52

Project 335i: Aesthetics & Dynamics

It’s been a while since we last updated you about our 335i WIP, writes Road contributor, Andy Robinson. But, of course, no car of mine, or indeed Road Magazine stays the same for too long! As we covered some nice tuning mods last time, it’s time we addressed the cars looks: I’ve never really got[…]


Project S4: The Auto Genie Valet-Pro & Sonax Products

A particularly harsh Norfolk Winter and a recent spate of press cars on test has left Project S4 more than a bit unused, neglected and looking a bit sad on the driveway at Road Towers. Post the occasional blast out, it’s had just a few cursory jet wash sessions, to rid it of salt and[…]


ROAD 29: Mazda Mania!

This month’s issue is dedicated to the Japanese ‘Zoom Zoom’ brand that is Mazda, a manufacturer who aim to make cars that are fun, different and exciting to drive, as well as catering for the family car sector brilliantly.

Picture 1

Project 335i: Introduction & Stage 1 Tune

Project BMW 335i – Power Thirsty Bavarian Roadie, Andy Robinson (who regular readers may remember for his insane 1100bhp Evo in the Tim Schrick special: introduces the latest Road Magazine Project Car – an E92 Project 335i Twin Turbo BMW… so that’s four turbos in two project cars for Team Road! Booooost! Bought just[…]

Picture 2

Project S4: Powerflex & Whiteline & Tarox Rears Report

Project S4 has been at the health spa that is its tuning garage of choice having a chillax for the last two weeks – so big thanks to Dave Green at Henstead Motorsport (, for his usual fabulous workmanship fettling the S4 into prime, Olympic condition. Dave has been busy fixing a couple of issues[…]


Project S4: Powerflex High Performance Bush Uprgade

Like with the Whiteline products (see post below), I’ve long been a fan of upgrading to high performance Polyurethane suspension bushes, and Powerflex ( are the market leaders. They offer a huge range of great value for money upgraded polybushes, to almost any car – offering 25-30% more stiffness, which freshens up the handling on[…]


Project S4: Whiteline Rear Swaybar & Camber/Caster Kit

As a motoring features editor and editor, I’ve taken the trouble of running project cars on all the titles I’ve worked on. They are a fabulous way of getting to grips with the huge product range on offer out there in the world of aftermarket tuning… and there’s no substitute for first hand testing, rather[…]


Project S4: Tarox Rear Disc Upgrade

Regular Road Magazine Project S4 followers will recall me raving about the TAROX track day brake kit we fitted earlier this year. TAROX say: “This package will improve the whole feel of your brakes offering a much more positive pedal, while offering more sustained braking when used hard over a period of time.” And we[…]

Picture 1

Project S4: Mantis Car Cleaning Products

There’s just a hint of Spring in the air, and that means Road Magazine’s Project S4 ( – like your car – is calling out for its Spring clean. And it needs it, after a Winter of salt, icy rain, sleet & snow corrosion. After years of being a motoring hack, I have acquired a[…]


Project S4: Bilstein B16 Coilovers

As a motoring Editor, journalist and road tester, I’ve been lucky enough to be taken around a number of suspension manufacturers’ factories to see how their different engineering approaches develop (and affect) their end product. And I have tested a huge range of suspension kits – on road, race and rally cars. But, without a[…]


Project S4: Service time

It’s that time of the year again – Project S4’s “BIG service,” just in time for the glorious Summer track day season and the S4’s planned jaunts to Spa-Francorchamps and the Nordschleife, to name but a few circuits on the to do list. And, this year, with the cambelt being too many years old (despite[…]


Project S4: New Millers Oils

Project S4 is currently in for a “big service,” up at A pre-summer-Spa-Francorchamps-spa-treatment if you will, but more on all that in another post here very soon. At the heart of any servicing regime is the critical lifeblood of any engine, the oil. Regular oil changes (with factory filters) are absolutely essential, especially with[…]


Project S4: Kärcher Pressure Washer

Spring is well and truly here, and after a freezing, muddy, salty-road-Winter to end all Winters, we felt it was time to give Project S4 a proper Spring clean. That meant either another costly, poor quality, rushed trip to the local Jet wash, or… getting our very own pressure washer, for DIY useage galore: No[…]

Forge twins small

Project S4: Forge Motorsport Blow-off valve

Turbocharged cars, like my Audi S4, have blow off valves (BOV’s), often called dump valves, fitted to them. They prevent compressor surge “loading,” by allowing compressed air to vent to atmosphere (or be re-circulated), to reduce wear on the turbocharger and engine. Nine times out of ten, manufacturers use horrible, cheap plastic BOV’s, which might[…]


Project S4: Insurance via Adrian Flux

Let’s face it… picking car insurance is (A) rather dull, (B) often painful and (C) notoriously and increasingly expensive. The name of the game (as I see it!) is to get insured as cheap as possible and yet not compromise on quality of service; because, believe me, you want a good insurer if you do[…]


Project S4: Dunlop Tyres

I wanted a set of performance road and occasional track tyres for the Project S4. And, having covered the Dunlop Sport Maxx TT challenge cup races, with hot hatch/fast road, lightly modified saloon cars in previous race seasons, and chatted positively to the racers about these new Dunlop tyres, I thought I would give them[…]


Project S4: K&N Air Filter

Having had great success with a simple air filter swap from the OE manufacturers paper unit, to a high-flow replacement panel filter before, we’ve decided to fit a K&N High-Flow FilterCharger® version to the Project S4 ( I have dyno checked panel filters versus cold air induction kits of a number of different project cars[…]


Project S4: Milltek Sports Exhaust system

Replacing your standard exhaust for an aftermarket performance exhaust system on any turbocharged car is a superb way of reducing turbo back pressure and increasing gas flow – liberating power, reducing turbo lag and improving throttle response. It also often saves weight, so there are gains to be had all round. I have replaced more exhaust[…]


Project S4: Millers Oils

I have been using Millers engine and transmission oils (and their fuel treatments for track days) in all of my normally-aspirated and turbocharged performance cars for years now, with great success. So, they were a natural product choice again when I bought ROAD’s B5 Audi S4 bi-turbo. Regular oil changes not only help your engine[…]


Phil Royle: Publisher & Editor

Rally, track day, Nordschleife-life and road trip addict, Phil Royle is an NCTJ-trained national news journalist, diverting into motoring magazines in 1997, as features editor at Revs magazine. Phil went freelance in 1999, working for many top UK motoring titles in addition to being editor of Circuit Driver and launching Performance Tuner Magazines. Phil also[…]


Bonnie Royle: Art Editor

Being bought up to love grass track, Mini and drag racing means ROAD magazine and blog design ace Bonnie had a taste for burning rubber and petrol from a very young age. And going on to be an art editor on some of the UK’s leading motoring titles for 10 years only fueled this fascination.[…]